History of Castle DISTILLERY

Spirit distillation has a rich history dating back to times preceding 1343 when the city of Stara Lubovna was granted the brewing rights. The site once held a wooden distillery that stood until the mid-18th century, as documented in records from 1746. During the mid-18th century, under the initiative of the Polish queen Maria Josepha, an extensive reconstruction of the settlement took place, leading to the establishment of a modern stone-built distillery. Upholding age-old distillation practices and traditional production methods, our distillery stays rooted in this historical craft.

  • 1500

    Bronze Age Vessel

    The unearthing of a fraction of distilling earthenware in the vicinity of Mysia Horka near Spissky Stvrtok during the 1970s, dating to around 1500 BCE, revealed one of Europe’s oldest vessels of its kind. This discovery demonstrates that spirit distillation in Spis can be traced back to the Bronze Age.

  • 1292

    First Written Record

    The earliest written record of Stara Lubovna dates back to 1292, mentioned in the deed of Wenceslaus II, Duke of Cracow and Sadomierz.

  • 13th century.

    Construction of the Lubovna Castle

    The construction of Lubovna Castle was commissioned by King Andrew III in the late 13th century.

  • 1343

    Brewing Rights

    The ascension of Lubovna (Lubow) to the status of a royal free city was catalysed by Louis the Great, King of Hungary. This promotion bestowed various privileges, including the right to produce wine, craft beer, and distil spirits.

  • 1746

    First Mention of the Wooden Distillery

    The first written reference of the wooden distillery and beczka z wodki at the Lubovna Castle. A historic document known as the Palarnia provides confirmation of the existence of a wooden distillery, albeit in a derelict technical state.

  • 1773

    Stone-Built Distillery

    In 1773, Franz von Paulleti, a second lieutenant in the Austrian army, an engineer and draughtsman, meticulously mapped out the Lubovna castle and the surrounding settlement, working under the leadership of army major and engineer Batscheck. This detailed plan included precise markings and a comprehensive ground plan of the stone-built distillery.

  • 2022

    Rebuilding of the Castle Distillery

    It’s been almost 300 years since the last significant event, and we believe it's time for a new chapter. Our ongoing mission is to further the legacy of the castle distillery, honouring traditions, respecting the environment, and placing a strong emphasis on sustainability.

The Castle Distillery is not just any distillery; it proudly boasts a profound historical legacy that extends beyond our nation, resonating worldwide. According to the distillery timeline, it holds the title of 5th oldest distillery globally. Furthermore, it ranks as the 4th oldest distillery across Europe and the premier oldest distillery within Central and Eastern Europe.