This historic distillery under one of the most iconic European castles boasts an illustrious legacy that predates the year 1746. Much has changed since then, and our mission is to renovate this treasure, restoring its royal grandeur for the 21st century. Discover a slice of our history in contemporary hues!

Restaurant & BAR

Simple and traditional cuisine, drawing inspiration from the period ingredients and exquisite flavours worthy of noblemen. With an unwavering commitment to detail and quality, all amidst the breath-taking backdrop of the High Tatras.

Historic distillery

The heard of our distillery is a copper distillation column, which is not just functional but also a sight to behold. Through controlled distillation, a careful approach, and adherence to traditional, proven processes, we ensure the utmost quality in our spirits


Exquisitely furnished rooms, boasting a distinctive aesthetic defined by expertly crafted woodwork and stonemasonry. Breath-taking vistas of the majestic High Tatras and the historic orchard, creating indelible memories.

Environment where modern history takes shape

The castle distillery boasts a legacy that dates back to at least the 17th century. By 1746, Maria Josepha, cousin of Maria Theresa, owned the deposited areas of Spis, including Lubovna. Her initiatives encompassed restoration work on Lubovna Castle and the establishment of a new settlement beneath it. It included the construction of a new stone-built distillery, replacing the original wooden one. However, this milestone was preceded by centuries of expertise, establishing Stara Lubovna as a world-renowned icon in the spirit distilling industry.